Strategic Opportunity Fund

Ceremonial photo of men with shovels and hard hats at ground breaking.

Funding Application Guidelines

The Frogtown Rondo Home Fund invests in strategic opportunities that arise “organically” through the work of the partners in the collaborative and have limited chances of being funded elsewhere due to the urgency of the needed response or the experimental nature of the proposed solution.

In general, awards will primarily fund either “pilot project” type activities that need to prove their value before seeking funding from more established sources or activities specific to achieving the goals of the Home Fund (i.e. enhanced resident engagement in specific groups of blocks).  We do not support ongoing operational funding or provide development gap subsidy.  Projects that are funded should plan to have a replacement source for the Home Fund’s investment beyond the immediate need or “pilot” phase.

We consider proposals by invitation only.  To be invited to submit a proposal, an organization or individual should first take an active role in the work of the collaborative.  Contact the FRHF coordinating consultant to learn how to get involved.

If invited to apply for funding, please submit a letter of inquiry that includes:

  • A short description of the project;
  • Expectations about how the project will contribute to increased housing stability in Frogtown and or Rondo;
  • What makes this project a strategic opportunity for the Home Fund;
  • Total project budget, including other sources of support, and the specific use of the Home Fund’s investment; and,
  • Why this request is ineligible for other funding sources due to type of project or time-sensitivity.

The letter of inquiry will be reviewed by the FRHF coordinating consultant and he will work with the applicant to address any needed clarifications.  As time permits, the applicant may be asked to present the project at a standing meeting of the Frogtown Rondo Home Fund Partners or for review by a group of the partners for their recommendation.  Final approval will come from leadership of both PED and the Family Housing Fund.

Table listing of Strategic Opportunity Fund Grant Recipients