SPPN Housing Partnership Team

Photo of school bus on driving on street

The Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood (SPPN) is a community-wide initiative to provide the academic and wrap-around social supports that children (from birth through 5th Grade) and their families need to succeed in school and in life.  At the heart of this work is a team of navigators that walk beside families and compassionately direct them to community services.  The Frogtown Rondo Home Fund serves the same 250-square block area as SPPN and serves as the SPPN Housing Partnership Team.  The Home Fund partners help provide housing related wrap-around supports by:

  • Finding ways to prioritize SPPN families in the deployment of housing programs;
  • Supporting the SPPN navigators in connecting families with housing services; and,
  • Addressing the conditions that create housing instability.

The work of SPPN’s HousingPartnership Team is based on evidence that stable, affordable housing can improve school success.  Students in poor housing often lack appropriate space to study.  They may be absent more often due to asthma and allergies linked to deteriorated housing.  Frequent unwanted moves resulting from inadequate or unaffordable housing lead children to experience disruptions in their education.  Schools with high concentrations of poorly housed families, like the three SPPN anchor schools, experience the cumulative effect of individual families’ housing challenges expressed in less stable student population and an instructional style that requires more repetition and review.

Providing stable, affordable housing in healthy neighborhoods is a tangible investment in our children’s future.

Learn more about the Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood at: https://www.wilder.org/Community-Leadership/Saint-Paul-Promise-Neighborhood/Pages/default.aspx.