Housing Justice Project

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Roughly two-thirds of households in the Rondo and Frogtown neighborhoods rent their housing.  Most of these tenants pay too much of their income in rent and most of the rental properties in the neighborhood require frequent inspections to ensure that they comply with St. Paul’s housing code.  Low vacancy rates and high tenant screening standards make it difficult for households to move to better housing.

Given this state of rental housing, it is vital that tenants:

  • Know and exercise their rights;
  • Have tools to resolve conflicts with properties owners; and,
  • Are not displaced do to the poor condition of their housing.

The Housing Justice Project, a partnership between Community Stabilization Project (CSP), Frogtown Neighborhood Association, Summit University Planning Council, and Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services seeks to use the legal system to address housing discrimination, tenant/landlord disputes; and barriers to housing in the tenant’s background.  In particular, this project plans to dramatically increase the number of rental properties that can be repaired and improved using rent escrow actions or the Tenant Remedies Act.

Learn more about the Housing Justice Project at: www.smrls.org;