St. Agnes

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The Frogtown neighborhood experienced a building boom in the last decades of the 19th Century as workers demanded affordable housing near their jobs on the Great Northern Railway.  One in ten homes in this focus area were built in 1889 alone.  Neighborhoods are made of more than jobs and houses though, and Catholic immigrants to this neighborhood from Austria, Hungary, and Germany formed the St. Agnes parish at about this same time.  A few years later, the congregation built what has become one of the most iconic churches in the neighborhood.

The St. Agnes Focus area consists of eight blocks including the church and parish school campus.  It is bounded to the west by Dale St. and on the east by Mackubin St.; on the south by Thomas Ave. and on the north by Minnehaha Ave.  Unlike the other two focus areas, the St. Agnes Focus Area does not border University Ave. and the new Green Line. Impact from transit and commercial activities will likely be less pronounced and more uniform in this part of the neighborhood.  This area has the highest concentrations of vacant land, a large rental complex, and recently-built townhomes.  Priorities in this focus area will be determining a strategy for privately-owned vacant land and improving rental housing quality.

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Recent News

Click here for information about the St. Agnes Focus Area and Frogtown Rondo Home Fund activities.

Residents and Property Owners

If you live or own property in the St. Agnes Focus area and would like more information about available assistance for home improvement loans, home buyer assistance, foreclosure prevention, homelessness prevention, or tenant advocacy contact Andy Barnett at 612-490-8398.

The Frogtown Neighborhood Association is looking for neighbors interested in being part of the St. Agnes Focus area to develop specific ideas for neighborhood improvement projects. For more information, contact Frogtown Neighborhood Association at 651-789-7480.

Homes for Sale

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