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The construction of I-94 in the 1960s split the Rondo neighborhood, destroyed neighborhood landmarks, and displaced hundreds of African-American families. A sliver of this neighborhood lies between I-94 and University Ave.  East of Dale, many of the homes and businesses were replaced by new forms of urban development, but to the west, the traditional land use pattern persists.

The Maxfield Focus Area guides housing investment in the blocks between I-94 and University Ave. between Victoria and Saint Albans St.  This area includes two institutions that have served the Rondo community for over 100 years—Pilgrim Baptist church and Maxfield Elementary School.  Pilgrim Baptist church has a long tradition of music and activism, and more recently has created a community garden in the neighborhood.  Maxfield Elementary School was relocated to its current site after the construction of I-94.  It serves as a neighborhood school, an anchor school for Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood, and houses the Cultural Wellness Center’s Center for Culture, Families and Learning.

Of the three focus areas, Maxfield has the highest rates of homeownership and fewest vacancies.  It also has the highest home values and is the most at risk for involuntary displacement due to increases in housing costs.  A major focus of work in the Jackson Focus Area will be to provide home improvement loans to maintain the housing quality for existing owners and to secure long term affordability through land trusts, shared equity mortgages, deed restrictions, and rental ownership.

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 Recent News 

Click here for information about the Maxfield Focus Area and Frogtown Rondo Home Fund activities.

Residents and Property Owners

If you live or own property in the Maxfield Focus area and would like more information about available assistance for home improvement loans, home buyer assistance, foreclosure prevention, homelessness prevention, or tenant advocacy, contact Andy Barnett at 612-490-8398.

The Summit University Planning Council is looking for neighbors interested in being part of the Maxfield Focus area to develop specific ideas for neighborhood improvement projects. For more information, contact Summit University Planning Council at 651-228-1855.

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