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Photo of playground in Jackson Neighborhood

The Jackson Focus area is a six block area bounded by Thomas Ave. on the north, Sherburne Ave. on the south, Mackubin St. on the west, and Western Ave. on the east.  It is named for the Jackson Preparatory Magnet School, a St. Paul Promise Neighborhood anchor school that provides dual language instruction in Hmong and English.  Jackson School has been a neighborhood landmark since the mid-1920s and is the only district school in Frogtown. The focus on this area pre-dates the Home Fund through its inclusion in an extensive community input process called Frogtown Focus.  The 2012 Frogtown Focus consisted of 20 community sessions, conducted by the Frogtown Neighborhood Association, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, and Springboard for the Arts, designed to gain input on a particular block or issue.  Before each session, organizers canvassed the area to hear directly from residents.  The effort produced neighborhood statements about affordability, unit size and tenure, and the balance of new and preserved housing.  Community engagement has continued through Frogtown Neighborhood Association’s Lot Squats, a series of flash community events held on vacant lots throughout 2013.

Jacskon Focus Area Indicators
(May 2013)
(January 2015)
Vacant lots117-36%
Vacant buildings2014-30%
Bank Owned Parcels51-80%
Building Permit Value$383,931$395,0043%
Average Home Value$129,755$138,1556%
Homestead %50%47%-6%


Significant investments have been made in these blocks by community development organizations in recent years, but poor housing quality and low values persist.  A major focus of work in the Jackson Focus area will be to reduce the number of vacant lots and buildings and to improve housing quality through grants, loans, and investment by property owners.

Recent News

Click here for recent news regarding the Jackson Focus Area and Frogtown Rondo Home Fund activities.

Residents and Property Owners

If you live or own property in the Jackson Focus area and would like more information about available assistance for home improvement loans, home buyer assistance, foreclosure prevention, homelessness prevention, or tenant advocacy, contact Andy Barnett at 612-490-8398.

The Frogtown Neighborhood Association is looking for neighbors interested in being part of the Jackson Focus area to develop specific ideas for neighborhood improvement projects. For more information, contact Frogtown Neighborhood Association at 651-789-7480.

Homes for Sale

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