Housing Investment Focus Areas

Jackson, Maxfield, St. Agnes

As a community, our housing investments matter—the housing in neighborhoods gives residents their roots and residents give neighborhoods their identity.  Housing’s place making value is its ability to create long-term connections between people and place giving neighborhoods the chance to establish a unique identity and vibrancy.

If we want vibrant, diverse, and healthy places, we have to make comprehensive investments to preserve and create housing choices that are right for a range family types, income levels, and life stages.

The Frogtown Rondo Home Fund’s Housing Investment Focus Areas test the theory that by geographically targeting housing investments and giving residents control over deploying those investments, we make improvements in neighborhoods without sacrificing a neighborhood’s identity.  In other words, we can achieve equitable neighborhood development.

The Focus Area strategy is to guide development in block-scale areas to achieve high quality, stable housing and visible improvement.  To achieve this, we will:

  • Determine three to six areas of roughly four to eight blocks (or approximately 200 households) that have the assets and potential to serve as models for resident-led neighborhood redevelopment.
  • Support the District Councils to engage residents
  • Accelerate bringing vacant homes and land back to occupancy.
  • Market new housing opportunities
  • Provide opportunities to improve existing occupied houses
  • Verify that rental properties are appropriately maintained
  • Champion neighborhood livability goals
  • Employ place making strategies that create a positive, unifying identity

Current Focus Area Projects

Resident groups in both neighborhoods identified areas that they believed would have a catalytic impact on the surrounding neighborhood if targeted by Frogtown Rondo Home Fund efforts. The focus areas were selected considering quantitative measures like the presence of publicly-owned and bank-owned housing as well as more contextualized community assets such as the presence of group of organized residents.  Each of the focus areas includes a neighborhood landmark.  Our current focus areas are: Jackson, Maxfield, and St. Agnes.

Collective Focus Area Outcomes and Activities in 2013:

  • Average 65% reduction in bank-owned properties
  • Average of 3% reduction in vacant properties
  • 4 Homes under construction
  • 8 Homes in predevelopment
  • $45,000 awarded for resident engagement