Artist Homeownership Initiative

Picture of second floor of house with stained glass window

The Rondo and Frogtown neighborhoods are home to a large number of artists and creative workers who contribute to the cultural wealth and vibrancy of the community.  The neighborhoods contain housing stock that is still relatively affordable and lends itself to combined housing and studio space and other creative arrangements.  Improved transit strengthens the connections between these neighborhoods and other hubs of the local art scene in Lowertown, near Raymond Ave., on the West Bank, and in Downtown Minneapolis.

Unfortunately, artists, like many independent workers, often face unique barriers in obtaining housing financing due to sporadic and difficult to document income.  According to a recent survey of local artists, fewer than 10 percent of artists own their current home, although almost all aspire to homeownership in the next five years.  Only about one in five have studio or work space that is separate from their housing.  Almost all of the artists surveyed would be willing to be a part of rehabbing older housing—and most said that they had applicable skills—if doing so lowered the cost and gave them more control over the design of a home.

Frogtown Rondo Home Fund is working with Springboard for the Arts and Community Neighborhood Housing Services on the Artist Homeownership Initiative to grow the number of neighborhood artists who own a home and to encourage other local artists to consider the Frogtown and Rondo neighborhoods in their housing choice.  The partners are integrating their programs to address the unique demand for housing and barriers to housing finance experienced by artists through marketing and outreach, homeownership education and financial preparation, and home improvement and rehabilitation loans.

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