Residents in Frogtown have expressed interest in a project that addressed conditions along their alleys since at least 2012 when I became involved in frogtown Focus.  This is no surprise since alleys are one of the primary places those of us who live in traditional urban neighborhoods meet our neighbors coming home from work, taking out the trash, or teaching a child to ride a bike.  Alleys can also become a neglected no-mans-land somewhere between public and private space.

Enter the Garage-A-Palooza.

Following up on a successful alley clean-up on the 500 block of Charles earlier in the summer, Frogtown Neighborhood Association and Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity are joining forces to repair and paint 6 garages, install motion-activated lighting, and remove trash and weeds from the alley between Lafond and Blair just west of Dale.  This block has seen significant re-investment by the City of St. Paul, Ramsey County, Habitat, Stones Throw Urban Farm, and other organizations.  Volunteers are needed to help with all of this work.  Sign-up here.

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