Frogtown Rondo Home Fund

Facilitating vibrant, integrated neighborhoods at the heart of the Twin Cities through strategic housing investments.

  • Homes steeped in history retooled
    Homes steeped in history retooled

    Renovation projects, like this one by Preserve Frogtown, help retain the architectural and cultural heritage of the neighborhoods.

  • Neighborhoods begin with neighbors
    Neighborhoods begin with neighbors

    Stable housing means Frogtown and Rondo neighbors are more likely to benefit from public investments in transit, schools, and parks.

  • Multiple Bottom Lines
    Multiple Bottom Lines

    The Home Fund supports innovative approaches, like the partnership between Urban Homeworks and Goodwill Easter Seals that transforms vacant lots into new sustainable homes.

  • A holistic approach
    A holistic approach

    Neighborhood improvement efforts, like Pilgrim Baptist Church’s community garden, complement housing.


The Frogtown Rondo Home Fund (FRHF) brings together resident organizations, Community Development Corporations (CDCs), local government, community institutions, foundations, and other leaders to coordinate and significantly improve housing conditions in the Rondo and Frogtown neighborhoods. We focus particularly on preserving and producing affordable housing. Frogtown Rondo Home Fund anticipates that, through enhanced coordination, greater visibility, and new resources, the significant individual impacts of its members can be amplified. The activities of Frogtown Rondo Home Fund also improve alignment of housing goals with the objectives of St. Paul Promise Neighborhood and the Central Corridor Light Rail Transit project to achieve more comprehensive and equitable community development.


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